Chronic Sinusitis - Chronic Sinusitis
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  • Sinus Infections: Fungus May be to Blame
    In 1999, The Mayo Clinic released its findings that fungus is likely the cause of nearly all cases of chronic sinusitis.
  • Sinusitis Solutions - The Facts About Medical Treatments
    While these sinusitis solutions may lead to short term relief, they rarely address the underlying causes and so will NEVER cure chronic sinusitis.
  • Sinusitis Treatment - Do Antibiotics Really Cure Sinus Infection?
    It is possible with chronic sinusitis that the situation may arise that the infection may extend into the brain and cause an infection there and eventually cause death.
  • Efficient Methods Of Managing Sinusitis
    The chronic sinusitis is known to be when the symptoms have been present for more than 3 weeks in a person.
  • How Sinus Headaches Occur and How to Resolve Them
    Regular blockage of the sinus ducts may lead to a condition which is described as Chronic sinusitis.
  • Sinus Infections
    Acute sinusitis can be treated with antibiotics and decongestants but chronic sinusitis takes a longer time and is usually difficult to treat because it could be linked to some other infection like asthma.
  • Chronic Sinus Infection Symptoms - Watch Out For Chronic Sinus Infection Symptoms
    Antibiotics may not be effective in chronic sinusitis because they target bacteria, not fungi.
  • Sinus Headache Calls For Highly Personalized Treatment
    The researchers are fairly unanimous in their conclusion that fungus is a likely cause of all cases of chronic sinusitis.
  • Chronic Sinus Infections - Fungus May be to Blame
    This was a complete departure from the commonly held belief that bacteria was responsible for most cases of chronic sinusitis.
  • Sinus Infection Treatment- Without Antibiotics?
    I sometimes hear about people who don't have chronic sinusitis and who come down with colds, and this tends to surprise me.
  • Sinusitis Symptoms - Will This Achoo Infection Lead To More Serious Complications?
    When a sinus infections is established and leads to Chronic Sinusitis there is a tendency for this to be a recurring illness that is why at the first sign of a chronic infection, a prolonged treatment is needed.
  • Sinus Infection - Nurse's Guide To Natural Sinus Buster Tips And Treatments You Can Use Now!
    Many people suffer from acute or chronic sinusitis or as they are usually called - sinus infections.
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